Nights In White Satin

Sheet Music (pdf)

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The meters of the two recordings are different, and they are both different from the sheet music. The sheet music is in 6/8 but both recordings are in 4/4. The original recording is in an odd sort of Latin half time, but the rehearsal recording is in a clear 4/4 so I made the sheet music that way too.

I notated the melody fairly straightly assuming the singers would express themselves as they like.

I notated the guitar opening, but then just gave the guitar slash marks with chord symbols. The bass is reflective of the rehearsal recording, notated with chord symbols. There is arco, but you may want to use electric bass on this.

I put completely generic written chords along with chord symbols in the piano part figuring Richard would make it his own.

During the first two choruses, I did it a little differently from my meeting notes. In the notes, it says Beth sings the melody both times with Doug on harmony. I thought it might be nice for Beth to harmonize the first time allowing Doug to sing that nice high melody F. The second time this is reversed. If you prefer it differently, you could just switch parts the first time or let me know and I will fix it in the sheet music.

In my meeting notes I understood Beth's answers to the last chorus should be in Italian, so I did that. On the recording, though, the singing then continues with the answers in English, so I did that.

The endings of the two recordings are very different. I made a sort of kluge of the two, more like the original than the rehearsal recording. This is somewhat arbitrary, you may want it more like the rehearsal recording, if so let me know how the vocals would go.

I am guessing on some of this, so if you want to make changes just let me know and I will put it the way you want it!