Pamplin Cabaret
Saturday, August 27, 2011
12 Oaks Theater

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Vocal Rehearsal (Quartet) Sunday, June 20 1:30-3:30 PM Newton Studio
Vocal Rehearsal (Quartet) Wednesday, July 14 7 - 9 PM Newton Studio
Vocal Rehearsal (Quartet) Thursday, July 29 7 - 9 PM PSU Extended Studies Building Room 101
Vocal Rehearsal (Quartet & Dale) Thursday, Aug 12 7 - 9 PM PSU Extended Studies Building Room 101
Rhythm Section Only Rehearsal Sunday, Aug 14 1 - 4 PM (Noon Setup) 12 Oaks
Vocal & Band Rehearsal & Soundcheck Sunday, Aug 21 2 - 5 PM (1 PM Setup) 12 Oaks
Final run-thru Saturday, Aug 27 3 - 6 PM (2 PM Setup) 12 Oaks
Break --- 6 PM ---
Feature Set --- 7 - 7:45 PM ---
Cocktail Trio --- 8:15 - 9:00 PM ---
Dance Set --- 9:15 - ? ---

Main Featured Songs
Manhattan Transfer
•Original is the unedited version of the recording.
•Edited Original is the version we created for the show and should match sheet music.
•Materials opens a page with links to rehearsal materials.
Choo Choo Boogie Original --- Materials
Java Jive Original Edited Original Materials
Operator Original Edited Original Materials
Route 66 Original --- Materials
Tuxedo Junction Original Edited Original Materials
Billy Joel
Big Shot Original   Materials
The Entertainer
Original   Materials
It's Still Rock & Roll Original   Materials
Just the Way You Are Original   Materials
She's Always a Woman Original   Materials
She's Got a Way Original   Materials
Uptown Girl Original Edited Original Materials

Other Featured Songs
Erin Jennifer

When Will I Be Loved

Original Materials 76 Jen, James Downtown Original Materials 54 Erin, James
You're No Good Original Materials 77 Jen, James Superstar Original Materials 49a Erin, James, Jon
Dancing in the Street Original Materials 62d Jen, James, Shawn Dancing Queen Original Materials 52 Erin, James, Shawn
        At Last   Materials ---
Shawn Dale
Bossa Nova Baby Original Materials 29 Jen, James Knock Three Times Original Materials 73c Erin, Jen, James
Burning Love Original Materials 47 Erin, Jen, James I Write The Songs Original Materials ---
Secret Agent Man Original Materials --- Mandy Original Materials 63 Erin, Jen, James
Unchained Melody Original Materials 13 Erin, Jen, James She's A Lady Original Materials 69 Erin, Jen, James
James Sweet Caroline Original Materials 85 Erin, Jen, James
Stand By Me Original Materials Erin, Jen, Shawn It's Not Unusual Original Materials 71b Erin, Jen, James
        It's A Miracle Original Materials 60 Erin, Jen
Other Featured Songs
Blue Bayou Original Materials 46 SA I Am I Said Original Materials  
Cherry Cherry Original Materials 50 SA TBA Original Materials  
Saturday's All Right Original Materials 68        


Featured Vocalists
Erin Charles
Jennifer Neiderloh
James Drake
Shawn Rogers
Eric Allen (Trumpet, Cello)


Anthony Percival (Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet, Alto Sax)   503-807-6990
Michael Bard (Flute, Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Alto Sax)
John Gilmore (Piano)   503-310-2404
Brian Harris (Keyboard)   503-888-2674
Neal Grandstaff (Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar)   503-422-6612
Jon Newton (Guitar, Violin)  

503-244-0244 (home)
503-502-3826 (cell)

Garrett Jellesma (Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass) 503-772-4115
Bob Shotola (Drums)   503-662-4119
Greg Tamblyn (Stage Manager)
Margaret Chapman (Costumes)
Tim Denny (Sound)

Click for map
You want to be traveling south on HWY 99 proceeding past the Tualatin / Sherwood bypass.

You can get there by going:

  1. South on I5, take the Tualatin / Sherwood exit. Travel west (right) on the Tualatin Sherwood bypass until you reach HWY99, then turn left.
  2. South on I5, take the 99W exit in Tigard. Exit onto 99W and continue on through Tigard & King City. Continue until you reach the Tualatin / Sherwood bypass. (There is a shopping center and Albertson's on the left.)
  3. Go out Scholl's Ferry through Beaverton, turn left on Roy Rogers Drive. Follow Roy Rogers until you get to 99, then turn right. Go a couple of miles until reach the Tualatin / Sherwood bypass. (There is a shopping center and Albertson's on the left.)

From the Tualatin / Sherwood bypass, travel approximately 4 miles until you cross under the P & W railroad trestle.

Take the first RIGHT after the trestle. This is Bell Rd.

Within 75 feet you turn LEFT. (This continues as Bell Rd.)

Travel on Bell Rd approximately 3 miles.

You will go under the P & W trestle one more time.

You will go up a long hill at the top of which
you will cross into Yamhill county.

The Pamplin property is now on your right.

At the bottom of the hill you will see several buildings and the large
stone gate that leads into the property.

Once you enter the theatre is straight ahead and on your left, just
before the next set of gates. It's a large yellow and white trimmed
building with a covered porch. Directly across from it is vineyard.

To unload, you can park in the area to your left
as you approach the theater, in the driveway, or in front of the theater.

Then park in the gravel area around to the back of the compound
and walk to the theater on the service road behind the buildings.

Dress: Performers
Dress: Band
Tux, white shirt, black bow tie
Special Instructions: Background Singers
You will be able to use sheet music at the show. Please keep your music in the black binders provided.
Special Instructions: Band
It would be helpful if you could bring sturdy stands. We will provide lights and chairs.
Anthony: Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax
Eric: Bring mutes
Garrett: Electric bass. Should probably also bring acoustic.
Bob Shotola: Please bring a couple of extra percussion instruments