Pamplin Cabaret
Saturday, August 22
12 Oaks Theater

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Vocal Rehearsal (Quartet) Tuesday, Aug 11 6:30-9:30 PM Newton Studio
Band Rehearsal/Soundcheck Sunday, Aug 16 12 Noon - 3 PM (11 AM Setup) 12 Oaks
Vocal Rehearsal (Tom Jones & BG Singers) Monday, Aug 17 6:30-9:30 PM Newton Studio
Band Setup/Soundcheck Saturday, Aug 22 3 PM 12 Oaks
Final run-thru
Saturday, Aug 22 4-6 PM 12 Oaks
Break Saturday, Aug 22 6 PM 12 Oaks
Cocktail Trio Saturday, Aug 22 7-8PM 12 Oaks
Feature Show 1 Saturday, Aug 22 8:15-9:15 PM 12 Oaks
Feature Show 2 Saturday, Aug 22 9:30-10:30 12 Oaks
Audience Choice Saturday, Aug 22 10:30-TBA 12 Oaks

Main Featured Songs
Vocal Quartet Tom Jones

Tony Orlando Medley

He Don't Love You Like I Love You (no change) Erin

She's A Lady

    Medley 1 What's New Pussycat
Tie A Yellow Ribbon (no change) Shawn It's Not Unusual
Knock Three Times (in D) Amy Jo Green Grass of Home

Mamas & Papas Medley

Monday Monday (no change) Shawn Medley 2 I Who Have Nothing
California Dreaming (in E minor) Tamara Thunderball
Dream A Little Dream (M2 higher) Amy Jo Delilah
Dancing In The Street (no change) Erin  

Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen (no change) Tamara  
(w/Amy Jo)
  Amy Jo  
Other Featured Songs
Erin Feature When Will I Be Loved (no change) Guy Features Blue Bayou
Tamara Feature Downtown (in E) Cherry Cherry
Amy Jo Feature You're No Good (no change) Sweet Caroline
Shawn Feature Secret Agent Man Saturday's All Right
Burning Love    
Bossa Nova Baby    

Rehearsal Materials

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Sheet Music
Tony Orlando Medley     Full Cheat   Inst


--He Don't Love You PDF HTML     Orig    
--Tie A Yellow Ribbon PDF HTML     Orig    
--Knock Three Times PDF HTML     Orig    
Mamas & Papas Medley     Full Cheat   Inst


--Monday Monday PDF HTML     Orig    
--California Dreaming PDF HTML     Orig    
--Dream A Little Dream PDF HTML     Orig    
--Dancing In The Street PDF HTML     Orig    
Dancing Queen PDF HTML Full Cheat Orig Inst w/Vox
Tom Jones
Sheet Music
She's A Lady PDF HTML   BG Vox Orig Inst w/Vox
Tom Jones Medley 1       BG Vox   Inst w/Vox
--What's New Pussycat PDF HTML     Orig    
--It's Not Unusual PDF HTML     Orig    
Green Grass of Home PDF HTML     Orig    
Tom Jones Medley 2       BG Vox   Inst w/Vox
--I Who Have Nothing PDF HTML     Orig    
--Thunderball PDF HTML     Orig    
--Delilah PDF HTML     Orig    
Sheet Music
Burning Love Live         Orig    
Burning Love Single PDF HTML   BG Vox Orig Inst  
Downtown PDF HTML   BG Vox Orig    
When Will I Be Loved   HTML   BG Vox Orig Inst w/Vox
You're No Good PDF HTML   BG Vox Orig Inst w/Vox

Featured Vocalists
Tamara Gebhardt (Quartet, BG Vox)
Erin Charles (Quartet, BG Vox)
Amy Jo Arrington (Quartet, BG Vox)
Isaac Lamb (Tom Jones)
Shawn Rogers (Quartet)
Eric Allen (Trumpet, Cello)


Anthony Percival (Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax) 503-807-6990
Michael Bard (Flute, Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Synth)
John Gilmore (Piano)
Neal Grandstaff (Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar)
Jon Newton (Guitar, Violin)

503-244-0244 (home)
503-502-3826 (cell)

Garrett Jellesma (Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass) 772-4115
Bob Shotola (Drums) 503-662-4119
Greg Tamblyn (Stage Manager)
Margaret Chapman (Costumes)
Tim Denny (Sound)

Click for map
You want to be traveling south on HWY 99 proceeding past the Tualatin / Sherwood bypass.

You can get there by going:

  1. South on I5, take the Tualatin / Sherwood exit. Travel west (right) on the Tualatin Sherwood bypass until you reach HWY99, then turn left.
  2. South on I5, take the 99W exit in Tigard. Exit onto 99W and continue on through Tigard & King City. Continue until you reach the Tualatin / Sherwood bypass. (There is a shopping center and Albertson's on the left.)
  3. Go out Scholl's Ferry through Beaverton, turn left on Roy Rogers Drive. Follow Roy Rogers until you get to 99, then turn right. Go a couple of miles until reach the Tualatin / Sherwood bypass. (There is a shopping center and Albertson's on the left.)

From the Tualatin / Sherwood bypass, travel approximately 4 miles until you cross under the P & W railroad trestle.

Take the first RIGHT after the trestle. This is Bell Rd.

Within 75 feet you turn LEFT. (This continues as Bell Rd.)

Travel on Bell Rd approximately 3 miles.

You will go under the P & W trestle one more time.

You will go up a long hill at the top of which
you will cross into Yamhill county.

The Pamplin property is now on your right.

At the bottom of the hill you will see several buildings and the large
stone gate that leads into the property.

Once you enter the theatre is straight ahead and on your left, just
before the next set of gates. It's a large yellow and white trimmed
building with a covered porch. Directly across from it is vineyard.

To unload, you can park in the area to your left
as you approach the theater, in the driveway, or in front of the theater.

Then park in the gravel area around to the back of the compound
and walk to the theater on the service road behind the buildings.

Dress: Performers
Dress: Band
Tux, white shirt, black bow tie
Special Instructions: Background Singers
You will be able to use sheet music at the show. Please keep your music in the black binders provided.
Special Instructions: Band
It would be helpful if you could bring sturdy stands. We will provide lights and chairs.
Anthony: Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax
Eric: Bring mutes
Garrett: Electric bass. Should probably also bring acoustic.
Bob Shotola: Please bring a couple of extra percussion instruments